YouTube Tools for Creators: Grow and Rank Your Channel (2023)

Videos have become the most popular tool to answer audiences' needs and queries, and they are being accessed through the widespread use of mobile devices and the improvement of the network.

It has become important to create the video in a professional and perfect manner, in order to achieve success in this medium filled with thousands of clips that are broadcast daily.

Therefore, in order for your YouTube channel to succeed, it is important to follow an appropriate strategy for creating and promoting content. In this article, we will provide you with a wide range of important tools that will make it easier for you to manage your YouTube channel, help you avoid errors, and improve videos in search engine results.


YouTube Tools for Creators - Grow and Rank Your Channel


#1 - What to consider before producing videos

The video pre-production stage (planning stage) is the most important part, and it is during this stage that the bulk of the work is done. It is not possible to produce a video without a plan in advance.

Search for keywords

For a successful video marketing strategy it is important to know which topics are popular and what terms are used to find video clips.

Creating videos around targeted keywords will give you a better chance of getting a higher video ranking, and thus getting more views.

The most important tools that help you to find keywords:

YouTube Autocomplete Suggestions

YouTube Autocomplete Suggestions

You may have noticed that YouTube suggests certain keywords and phrases while searching for something in the search box.

Autocomplete is one of the great features that YouTube offers for free to users, and it suggests popular keywords.

This will help you discover the terms people use to find videos. And according to the rules of YouTube SEO, you must use keywords in the appropriate places in order to be able to improve your videos.

In the previous image, you can see that YouTube suggests many keywords when a user searches for a specific word, and each suggestion can be a great idea for producing a new video. Tool

It is one of the tools for doing keyword research and is perfect for getting more autocomplete suggestions on YouTube. Tool


With this tool you can automatically find keyword variations and get hundreds of suggestions for completion. It also suggests video tags and captions based on keywords that interest users to get more views. Tool


An easy-to-use keyword research tool that provides thousands of suggestions. It enables you to add additional keywords before and after a query, allows you to specify the depth of analysis, and checks for included and excluded keywords. It also enables you to group results into two groups and sort them easily.

Analytics Your Channel Data in YouTube Studio

Analytics YouTube Channel Data

It is the best tool to know all the details about your videos, playlists and followers. It's free and easy to use, and it tells you who is watching your videos and who isn't. It can help you see which videos can be more successful.

YouTube Statistics enables you to perform a detailed analysis of your channel and each video in the channel separately, providing you with quick and real-time reports on the number of views, likes and dislikes, and viewer data.

YouTube Analytics provides the following main categories of reports: earnings, watch time, subscribers and views.

Learn How to Navigate YOUTUBE STUDIO Tool Tool


It is a paid application dedicated to analyzing company data on social media and identifying reference points, with the aim of improving marketing campaigns. This application provides data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It helps collect and analyze data quickly and simply. And you can specify the exact data points for which you want to get results: subscriber data, channel interaction, published videos, a specific video.

You can also connect the Cointel app to your Google Analytics account and get it up and running quickly, saving a lot of time you would normally spend on manually tracking KPIs for your YouTube channel.

The application and its features are designed in such a way that you can stay on top of all the processes and details, and you can know all the data you need such as the viewing location, the device used, the source.

vidIQ Tool

vidIQ: Boost Your Views And Subscribers On YouTube


It is a powerful tool with many features that aims to help you increase the reach of your videos on YouTube, helping you in every step from suggesting when to post videos to linking you with popular YouTube influencers, from monitoring viewer engagement to optimizing YouTube SEO.

vidIQ shows you comprehensive information about your channel, videos and competitors, and lets you compare four channels for free. The data you get ultimately enables you to make positive changes to your marketing strategy.

#2 - Tags

YouTube allows you to include “tags” to help categorize your video by keyword, but there are a certain number of hashtags you can include. Therefore, it is important to choose the right hashtags, usually long keywords related to the topic of the video.

A great way to get ideas for hashtags is to check out successful videos related to your channel's topic. The problem is that YouTube hides the tags of your videos, so it's hard to monitor your competitors' thoughts.

Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to spy on your competitors and allow you to see what hashtags competitors are using to improve the ranking of their videos in search results.

You can also use a trick to identify hidden tags, through the HTML code of the page. To do this: Right-click on the page, choose “View Page Source” and search for “Keywords” on the page. The tags for the video will appear. Tag Generator Tool

This tool allows you to get a list of tags related to keywords. It generates tags based on the target keyword.
The tool also offers you features such as a title, description, thumbnail generator, and practical advice on how to improve your videos. Tags Generator Tool Tags Generator

This tool can generate tags quickly, by entering the query in the search box and the tool will automatically generate the relevant tags, and you can copy and add them to YouTube.
You can further analyze the targeted query to see the traffic details such as views, likes and comments.

#3 - Post-production Video

After you've done all the preparatory work for your video and recorded it, you need to add the finishing touches before you publish it to your channel.

Make a thumbnail for the video

Video thumbnails are as important as images for book covers and movie posters, they give us an idea of what we're going to watch. So it is important that you choose a high quality dedicated video thumbnail. There are several tools that help you create professional images, including: Website Tool - Make a thumbnail for the video

Make a thumbnail for the video

It is one of the most popular websites dedicated to graphic design and is ideal for creating beautiful thumbnails for videos. The site is easy to handle and use.

Canva has a large collection of free images, backgrounds, text, shapes, and illustrations. It offers more than a million fonts, images, templates, and graphics to choose from. It can be used on computers or smartphones.

#4 - Share videos on social media

To get more views, it is important to share the content you create on social media, and this is essential to the success of your video marketing campaigns.

To get more views, it is important to share the content you create on social media, and this is essential to the success of your video marketing campaigns. Here are a toolkit that can help you share your videos widely: Tool


It is a social media management tool that makes it easy to moderate your accounts and manage your presence and interaction with your audience. It includes an intelligent dashboard, keyword tracking, analytics, publishing, autoplay, and a host of other useful options.

eClincher enables you to manage, prepare, schedule, and publish content, provides you with data about which content has been most successful, and suggests a strategy for sharing content more effectively.
This tool helps you find the hot content that your audience is interested in. Tool


Promote your videos to make them easier for viewers to find. DrumUp is a paid tool that enables you to schedule promotion of your videos on various social networks.

With DrumUp you can add your social media accounts Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and connect with your target audiences through one easy to use platform.

By adding links to your social media accounts, you will be able to see a preview of your social posts before you publish them.

#5 - Manage video comments

Having a lot of follower comments on your videos takes extra effort to answer questions and concerns, but don't worry, there are tools that can help you manage video comments:

Comment Management tool in YouTube Studio

YouTube has a content moderation tool that gives you the ability to customize settings that automatically filter out inappropriate comments. And only the attractive comments remain in place.

Manage video comments from YouTube


To configure the settings that filter comments go to Creator Studio then Comments. Here you can add users to enable approval of their comments, and comments left by users can be viewed and marked as "hidden".

You can enter a list of words you want to block, block links, and filter comments and new messages.

TubeBuddy Tool

It is a free tool that provides you with multiple tools to help you manage your YouTube channel, and there is no need to switch between the tool and the YouTube website, as all the tools are added on the YouTube interface.


TubeBuddy has many tools to help you manage your YouTube channel, no need to switch between your channel and external tools to see the data, all the tools are added on top of the YouTube interface.

TubeBuddy gives you the option to filter comments: unanswered, need replying, positive or negative questions. So you can easily follow audience comments and find out what they think about your content.

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