YouTube Earning: How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View (1,000) 2023?

YouTube earnings attract beginners because of the ease of working on the platform, its freeness, and the huge number of its users, as once you get some subscribers and achieve certain popularity, you can start monetizing the views.

How Much does YouTube Pay Per Views

Many people have the following question, “How much does YouTube pay per 1,000 views in 2023?”, And it is actually a question that is asked by all beginners who want to create a channel and start creating content (videos).

It is noteworthy that it is very difficult to determine a specific amount for 1000 views on YouTube, as this is due to several factors, including the popularity of the channel, the location of the followers, the types of ads on YouTube that are shown to them, and many other factors, as there are several types of ads that can be made. Shown in the video, including:

  • Ads from the same YouTube company (after subscribing to the YouTube earnings program/Google AdSense)
  • Advertise your own product or promote products through affiliate marketing.
  • Adding an advertisement for a company (after agreeing with it on the price).
And many creators (Youtubers) know that the third type of ads is the one that generates the most income, as the conclusion of a contract with a famous brand (for example Coca-Cola) can bring you many times the profits from the profit program from the YouTube platform itself.

Here, the YouTube platform itself does not pay money to the owner of the channel, but rather the company directly, in return for the number of views or for publishing an advertisement for its product in one of the videos.

Although the income from the YouTube platform itself varies from person to person, we will provide examples so that you can understand approximately: how much YouTube pays for 1000 views, and how much you can earn from your channel.

What does YouTube earnings depend on for 1000 views?

To be more specific, the YouTube platform does not pay a single penny to creators, but rather advertisers who do so, as Youtubers receive their profits for every click that a person makes on the advertisement that appears on his channel or for those ads that cannot be skipped, and in a few cases, for The number of views (for every 1000 views), where the platform gets a percentage (about 40%) and the rest is transferred to the blogger (ie if the Youtuber wins $1000, he will get $600, and the platform itself will get $400).

The price of 1000 views on YouTube varies based on 3 main factors, namely:
  • Viewer Country
  • Channel Topic (Niche)
  • The number of views (here it means the number of times the ad was shown in the video, not the number of video views).
Here, we will talk about each factor separately, and learn about its importance and impact on the profits of the YouTube channel.

Viewer Country

The country in which the advertisement appears is one of the very important factors affecting the amount of the channel’s profit, as the larger and stronger the country’s economy, the higher the viewing price, and the more intense competition (which is a good thing for channel owners), as the advertiser must raise the price of the advertisement in order for it to appear on your channel, and thus get more revenue.

The price of one click, sometimes and in some subjects, in developed countries such as Switzerland, Norway, the United States of America, and others, may reach more than ten dollars.

The price of 1000 views in different countries

Country Cost Per 1000 Views
Australia $37.24
United States $33.78
Canada $30.18
New Zealand $29.24
Switzerland $24.16
United Kingdom $22.62
Norway $21.20
Germany $19.82
Ireland $19.23
Netherlands $18.80
It is worth noting that choosing the country in the channel settings never affects the income, but the state of the viewers (from which country the follower watches the video) affects the profits.

And in order to reap a lot of profits from the YouTube channel in the other countries, ads alone will not be enough. It is necessary to become a famous Youtuber and place direct ads on your channel from famous brands and get the full profit, instead of sharing almost half with the “YouTube” platform.

However, Youtubers in rich countries can make good money from views only, unlike developing countries and Arab countries.

How much is 1000 views in developing countries?

It is also important to know how much 1000 views will bring from developing countries. According to the “Huffington Post” website, which relied on “SocialBlade” statistics, the profits in developing countries for 1,000 views are as follows: 

Country Cost Per 1000 Views
Colombia $7.58
Kuwait $6.57
Brazil $6.66
Lebanon $4.10
Morocco $4.14
India $3.36
Indonesia $3.23
Jamaica $2.96
Cambodia $1.94
Bangladesh $1.76
We can conclude from this that the views from the State of Qatar are the most expensive among the developing countries, as it is possible to obtain about $ 7.54 for 1000 views on YouTube.

Note: These numbers are approximate and can vary from channel to channel, depending on the content you provide, how viewers interact with the ad, and the type of ad shown to the user.

Channel Topic (Niche)

One of the very important factors affecting the amount of channel profit per 1,000 views, as the channel that is interested in entertainment is one of the “poorest” specialized areas, because the viewer who likes to watch funny videos about (cats and animals, for example), does not interact with the advertisement that appears He has it on the channel, and for this reason the cost of 1000 views is very low and may be non-existent, and if you do not have great popularity and a large number of followers, you will never make money from this field, and your effort will be in vain.

As for the channels that make good money, they are in the areas of business and work such as real estate, loans, cars, insurance and other services, as the income of these channels reaches tens or hundreds of times more than the entertainment channels.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the topic of the channel seriously, before starting to create content, as it directly depends on how much you will earn from it.

Here are the best specialized fields in which the profit per 1000 views is good and guarantees you an excellent return (approximate number in terms of viewer country).
Niche Cost Per 1000 Views
Making Money Online $22
Digital Marketing $12.52
Personal Finance and Investments $12
Educational Content $9.89
Tech, Cars, and Gadgets $4.32
Lifestyle $3.36
Fashion and Try On Hauls $3.13
Cooking $2.45
Fitness and Bodybuilding $1.60
Video Games $1.40

The number of views

Here it means the number of times the ad was shown in the video, not the number of video views. Views are directly dependent on the number of subscribers in the channel and how interested viewers are in the video, and the more views, the more times the commercials will appear.

The more popular the channel, the larger the audience and the number of videos uploaded, the more profitable the channel will be on YouTube.

Approximate income (monthly earnings) from the channels of the most famous YouTubers

We will use the “socialblade” website to find out the approximate income from the channels of the most famous YouTubers

Channel Name Subscribers Total Views Monthly Earnings
MrBeast 135M 22,882,634,770 $415K – $6.6M
Pinkfong Baby Shark 65.7M 36,697,248,273 $191.1K – $3.1M
Cocomelon 155M 152,742,677,009 $602.4K – $9.6M
T-Series 237M 216,723,401,198 $657.4K – $10.5M
Vlad and Niki 94M 73,351,135,826 $273K – $4.4M
Like Nastya 104M 88,066,301,535 $203K – $3.2M
Zee Music Company 92.8M 54,318,530,524 $172.8K – $2.8M
SET India 152M 140,220,577,446 $482.6K – $7.7M
PewDiePie 111M 28,921,896,710 $11.4K – $182K
5-Minute Crafts 78.9M 25,263,296,202 $55K – $880.5K

The list is very long, but this is a category we chose for you, so that you can analyze the content they provide, and the approximate amount of profit they make from the videos they publish.

Question and Answer

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 channel subscribers?

The YouTube platform does not pay any money for subscribers, but rather for ads appearing and interacting with them (that is, you can have 10,000 inactive followers and get nothing, and at the same time make a lot of 1,000 active subscribers who follow your videos on a regular basis).

What are the conditions for participating in the YouTube earnings program?

Of course, the YouTube platform has conditions for you to be able to participate in the profit program and start making money from ads, which is that you must have at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months, and have 1,000 followers. In addition, you must have an AdSense account and agree to the terms of use.

How much can I earn from 1000 YouTube views?

There is no direct answer to this question, as it depends on many factors that we have mentioned in this article.

How much can I earn from a million views on YouTube?

The same answer as the previous question, and the more views from countries with a good economy, the greater the amount of profit per million views.

How can you increase profits from YouTube views?

It is known that the more views, the higher the profits, so it is important to write attractive titles and create the video regularly, so that its length is more than 10 minutes, and choose a good field from the fields that we talked about in order to be able to profit more.

Does YouTube pay anyone around the world, regardless of where they live?

The YouTube platform supports certain countries, so you must review the terms of use before creating the channel.

What is the minimum amount that I have to earn in order to withdraw my money?

The minimum amount to withdraw money from YouTube is $100.

Does the channel earn from views only without being a participant in the YouTube earnings program?

Yes, if you entered into a contract with other companies to advertise for them, or work in commission marketing, or if you did not do this and that, you will not get anything even if you have a billion views.

What does 4000 watch hours mean?

For example, you download a 10-minute video, which must be watched 24,000 times from beginning to end, for a total of 240,000 minutes (that's 4,000 hours) and so on!

How much does youtube pay for 1000 subscribers?

YouTube never pays for any subscriber, meaning you can have a million subscribers and never get paid. YouTube only pays for ads appearing while users are watching your videos. The higher the number of views, the more ads appear and the higher the profits.

How can I participate in the profit program on YouTube (Google AdSense)?

In order to be able to participate in the YouTube earnings program, you must follow the following steps

You have to click on the channel tag (in the upper left corner) and choose (YouTube Studio)

How can I participate in the profit program on YouTube (Google AdSense)


After clicking on this option, you will be taken to the next page.
Choose (Make Profit) from the left menu

In order to be able to go to the earnings page.
In the event that you are eligible to win, you will see several options, which is to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of public viewing during the last 12 months.

Apply to YouTube earning program (Google AdSense)


And in the event that you are not qualified, you will see after the tips and how much is left for you to be able to apply to join the YouTube Earnings Program.

Then your channel will be verified by the YouTube team, and if it meets all the conditions, ads will start appearing and you will start profiting from it.


According to the terms of YouTube, it is not possible to participate in the earnings program, and only then can the price of 1000 views of your videos be known through the statistics provided by the YouTube platform itself.

Through statistics and open sources, it turns out that the channels that people from foreign countries follow, their income is much higher than that of Arab countries.

Also, the income is not fixed, and depends on many factors, and the cost of 1000 views varies from one video to another.

The YouTube platform is the world's first video sharing platform, and a good place to earn money if you are a creator or you can provide high-quality content.

You can also earn in more than one way, not from the YouTube earnings program itself, by concluding contracts with various brands or through affiliate marketing.

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