How to Create a New YouTube Channel (Easy 2023)

In the event that you are one of those who want to create a YouTube channel from scratch in 2023, this article will be suitable for you, because we will show how to create a new YouTube channel step by step and from A to Z.

How to Create a New YouTube Channel (Easy 2023)

It is known that videos on the YouTube platform are increasingly being used to attract customers or to earn some money by providing good content, and the number of bloggers is increasing day by day, so there is a need for beginners to know the steps to create a YouTube channel, which we will talk about here.

And you should know that creating a channel is only the first step, because the YouTube channel needs development, fatigue, promotion, and hard and continuous work. Unfortunately, we will not be able to talk about all this in one article, but we will present it successively in subsequent articles, and let us start with the simplest.

What are the features of the channel on YouTube?

  • Quick creation. After you finish reading the article, you will see for yourself that creating a YouTube channel requires only 5 to 10 minutes of your time.
  • Creating the channel does not require money. The YouTube platform is available to all people and anyone can create a channel without paying any amount of money, but making content may require effort and some hardware and software that can be paid.
  • Videos are becoming more popular. It is known that in the age of speed, people are looking for video to learn or for other things, at the expense of written content.
  • There are a lot of uncharted trends. That is, you can talk on your channel about things that none of the bloggers (Youtubers) have touched before you, which is good for starting a new channel.

Register an account on YouTube using Gmail (Google Email)

In order to register on YouTube first, you must go to the YouTube site (click here) and then click on the “Login” button in the upper left corner.

Register an account on YouTube using Gmail (Google Email)


In the new tab, choose “Create account” at the bottom of the entry form (select “For myself” if you want a normal channel), as shown in the image below.

Create an account on Google (Gmail)

Enter the registration details as is required to create a new account.

Enter the registration details as is required to create a new account

Here you can choose any email, and to protect your account, it's best to associate the account with a phone number and confirm it, so that no one else can hack your account.
To complete the account registration, you must agree to the privacy policy and terms of use, and then click on “Next” to be able to create a YouTube channel. 

How to create a YouTube channel 2023

The first step after registering an account is to create a channel, where after logging in you have to click on the logo in the upper left menu and then click on the “Create Channel” option (see the image below).

Create a YouTube channel

A pop-up window will appear to start to creating the channel, where you can add the unique name, and the handle (username) of the channel. Think of a good name for your channel and that it is close or identical to the content that you will present (it is better if the name is in Latin letters or in English). Then click on "Create channel".

How to Create a New YouTube Channel

Congratulations, now that you have a YouTube channel ready for you to upload videos to.

How to customize your YouTube channel

After you have taken the previous steps, we advise you to move to customizing the channel, to increase its beauty, and to arouse the curiosity of others to subscribe to it. There are some necessary steps for the channel to be archived well and to take on a decent look, and here is how you can do it.

How to customize your YouTube channel

Customize Channel

Basic Info

Go to the “Basic Info” section so that we can customize the channel well, and here you will find three options.

  • Add a channel description 

Provide viewers with information about what your videos are about. The description can appear in search results and elsewhere. Try to be very accurate in the description and use all keywords and semantics that explain well the content that you will present, as the “YouTube” platform allows you 1000 characters to describe the channel.

Note: The image must be at least 98 x 98 pixels in size and be 4MB or less. The file must be in PNG or GIF format (without animation moves).

  • Add links and social media

The YouTube platform allows you to add some external links, including a link to your website (if it exists) and your accounts on various social media (Facebook, Twitter and Telegram). We strongly recommend adding all links if available. You can also skip this step and add links at a later time.

Customize Channel "Basic Info" section


Go to the “Branding” section so that we can customize the channel well, and here you will find three options.
  • Profile picture. your profile picture appears next to your videos, comments, and in other places. It is a picture that represents you on the “YouTube” platform. All you have to do is click on the “upload picture” option and choose the appropriate picture.
  • Banner image (channel cover). This image will appear at the top of your channel pages (for best results on all devices, you must use an image that is at least 2048 x 1152 pixels in size and 6MB or less).
  • Watermark. The watermark will appear on your videos in the lower-right corner of the video player (It is recommended to use an image of 150 x 150 pixels. The file must be in PNG, GIF (no animation), BMP, or JPEG format and is 1MB or less).

After you have completed the previous last step and clicked on “PUBLISH”.

Upload your first video to YouTube

After you have finished customizing the channel and adding the logo, description, watermark, etc., now you can add the first video on your YouTube channel.

To do this, you have to click on the “Create” button in the upper left corner and then select “Upload Video”. 

How to upload your first video to YouTube

Then choose the video file from the computer or drag it to the place designated for it, and after completing the download, you must pass 3 steps:

Step #1: The Details

  • Choose an appropriate title for the video. Try to make the title attractive and interesting to the user and not to exceed 100 characters.
  • The description. The description should be sufficient and adequate, but at the same time it should not fully reveal the content of the video, and try to add keywords related to the content of the video, and this would rank well in the search.
  • Thumbnail. This image may not be part of the video, but rather expresses it and its purpose is to interest the viewer and force him to click to watch your video.
  • Playlists. Since this is your first video, here you have no playlists, so you can skip this step.
  • Is the video intended for children or not? Here you must tell the YouTube platform that the video that you will publish is intended for children or not, which is required, and you must specify that.

After filling in the above, you should click on the “Next” option to move to the next stage.

Step #2: Video Elements 

At this stage, the video can be provided with some additions, including:

  • Add an end screen. That is, at the end of the video, videos will be shown that you select to promote (and here it is good to choose videos from the same section and be related to the main video).
  • Add cards. It is text that appears at a time you specify with a link to a video. For example, you were talking about promoting on Instagram, and you had another video talking about creating an Instagram account, inside the video you can refer to that with a link to the video.

Now that this stage is completed, you must move on to the third and final stage of adding the video.

Step #3: Display Level

Here you will see a number of options about the possibility of publishing the video:

  • Private. Only you and the users you choose can watch the video.
  • Unlisted. The video can be viewed by any user who has a link to it.
  • Public. Everyone can watch the video (which is recommended if you want people to watch your videos).

Or you can set a date for the video to be published by selecting “Set a date for viewing”, where you must choose the date and time for the video to be scheduled and published at the time that you specify.
And here we have passed all stages of adding a video, and all you have to do now is click on “Save”, and the video will be published and made available to everyone, and you can share it with your friends.

Q&A about creating a YouTube channel in 2023

Is creating a YouTube channel in 2023 paid or free?

Creating a YouTube channel in 2023 is completely free and does not require that you pay any money for that.

Is it difficult to create a YouTube channel?

It is very easy, but if you have some difficulty with that, you can see these articles of ours, as it turns out that the channel can be created in no more than 10 minutes.

Can I profit from the channel and how?

Of course, you can profit from the YouTube channel, and there are many ways to do that, the most important of which is subscribing to the “YouTube” earnings program and getting profits for every ad view.

How long does it take for a channel to become popular?

The matter is due to several indicators, including the content it provides, its demand in the market, and competition, but on average, the channel needs from 6 months to a year to occupy a good position.

Can my channel be banned?

naturally! In the event that you violate the terms of use and the YouTube policy, the channel will be banned, so it is better to print out the terms of use and what types of videos are prohibited before you start posting videos.

Is it allowed to add videos that I do not have rights to?

It is better not to add any videos to which you do not have rights, as this is a violation of the rights of others, and therefore can lead to the ban of the channel.


The YouTube platform is the first in the world in the field of visual content (video), which allows its users not only to attract potential customers for commercial purposes, but also to earn money by adding content.

When you decide to create a YouTube channel, you must determine the main goals and develop a promotional plan and a work plan that includes the amount of videos that you will publish and the idea of each video.

For example, if the goal of the channel is to attract visitors to the website, it is better to create short videos that briefly talk about an idea, and tell the viewer that the full details are in the website.

And here we have finished creating a YouTube channel and adding the first video to it. If you encounter any difficulty with that, you can send a message, and I will help you.

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